September 3, 2013

Moving in Amsterdam, an animated trip

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“Harry and his huge, oblivious son run a moving company together. When they help a girl move apartments, their dull, tiny lives are disrupted.”

‘Gracht’ (‘Canal’) was made for the Utrecht School of Arts in Hilversum as a graduation project by four students. The process took six months, and the four guys not only graduated but were also honoured with a ‘staff pick’ on Vimeo.

I like the mover’s watch and the somewhat trendy yet anachronistic use of the compact cassette with Dutch gabber music.

Gracht from Gracht2013 on Vimeo.


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January 20, 2013

Faces of the final Thunderdome hardcore rave

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Hardcore party Thunderdome was held for the twentieth and last time on 15 December last year and Flabber TV was there to interview a bunch of the party goers.

The interviewer asked the type of questions where at first you aren’t sure if he is taking the mickey (he is). Even if you don’t understand Dutch, this slice of life is worth watching. Flabber TV has used this format before – the art fair episode is a nice bookend.

Thunderdome was organised yearly from 1992 to 2012, with Thunderdome on Tour shows travelling Europe.

Another set of Thunderdome portraits (photos this time) can be found here.

(Video: Youtube / FlabberTV)

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September 16, 2007

Rotterdam nails world record jumpstyle dancing

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jumpstyle dancing

Today the official world record jumpstyle dancing was improved upon with 749 people dancing on the Coolsingel street downtown Rotterdam for five minuntes to the new hit single from the house duo, Jeckyll & Hyde. The Guinness Book of Records watched on and approved. Yet 60 participants couldn’t keep going for 5 minutes. Yes, it can be tough.

Follow this previous posting and have a look at the explanatory video on Jumpstyle.


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March 12, 2007

Jumpstyle dancing: an heir to Gabber

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I just stumbled upon this techno sub-genre called jumpstyle, or jumpen (Dutch for jumping), a name that describes the style well. At times it appears to be a mix between gabber and folk dancing. Loads of kids are uploading videos of their moves to Youtube, so that you have plenty to sample. According to Wikipedia, jumpstyle started in Belgium and is now slowly spreading to the South of the Netherlands.

Below is a tutorial for the style. Warning: being a type of hard techno, the sounds emanating from your computer may not be considered workplace friendly. The actual tutorial starts 27 seconds into the clip.

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