April 15, 2014

Man films daughter growing up, becomes YouTube hit

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Vince Hofmeester

Dutchman Frans Hofmeester has been filming his daughter Lotte weekly from ages 0 to 14, and a few days ago, he placed a time-lapsed video of her on YouTube.

Two years ago Hofmeester had also placed the first video when Lotte was 12, which had more than 4 million hits. Last year, he placed one that had some 900,000 hits and his latest one is currently at over 2,500,000 hits.

Hofmeester has also posted time-lapsed videos of his son Vince (see pic) from 0 to 11 years and other films related to his family.

Here’s Portrait of Lotte – 0 to 14 years in 4 min. (The Original):

(Link: www.metronieuws.nl, Photo of Vince Hofmeester, screenshot of a YouTube video)

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January 20, 2013

Faces of the final Thunderdome hardcore rave

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Hardcore party Thunderdome was held for the twentieth and last time on 15 December last year and Flabber TV was there to interview a bunch of the party goers.

The interviewer asked the type of questions where at first you aren’t sure if he is taking the mickey (he is). Even if you don’t understand Dutch, this slice of life is worth watching. Flabber TV has used this format before – the art fair episode is a nice bookend.

Thunderdome was organised yearly from 1992 to 2012, with Thunderdome on Tour shows travelling Europe.

Another set of Thunderdome portraits (photos this time) can be found here.

(Video: Youtube / FlabberTV)

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May 28, 2012

Suzanne Jongmans packing foam portraits

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BoingBoing writes:

Netherlands artist Suzanne Jongmans has created a series of portraits in the style of the Dutch Masters, creating the costumes out of soft packing foam sheets. She needs to team up with the artist who creates 15th century Flemish self-portraits using airplane toilet tissue and seat-covers. Together, they will rule the atemporal world.

A BoingBoing commenter points to the portrait work of Hendrik Kerstens, which in turn reminded me of the still lifes of Richard Kuiper.

(Photo: Suzanne Jongmans)


December 11, 2010

Filming civil servants may cost you your welfare cheque

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The Hague residents who wish to go all Wikileaks on civil servants by filming their interrogators, risk losing their welfare benefits, Sargasso reports.

Blogger Dimitri Tokmetzis discovered this when he received the results of a freedom of information request about the so-called Haagse Pand Brigade, a unit of municipal civil servants that invades the homes of those vaguely suspected of such wrongdoings as welfare fraud, growing marijuana or illegal sub-letting.

A manual for the Brigade dictates:

Sometimes welfare recipients wish to make an audio or video recording of the visit. This recording could be against the will of team members, and could lead to publication that is against their will. This can have far-reaching personal consequences for the team members. This is not tolerable, and therefore we prescribe the following:

1) If a customer indicates that he wishes to record the visit, or if he is already in the process of recording the visit, the team members will indicate clearly that they do not give permission for the recording, and will stop the visit.

2) The team members will explain to the customer that their behaviour will be interpreted as refusing to cooperate in determining the right to welfare benefits (article 17 WWB), and that this can have consequences for their right to welfare. When the customer publishes his recordings, he will be reported to the police.

For the record, in the Netherlands you do generally not need permission to film someone, and so-called portrait rights (the limited right to object to publication of your portrait) are part of civil law, not of criminal law.

Tokmetzis adds that since the Brigade members are doing their work in public, they should expect and accept public scrutiny.

(Photo by FaceMePLS, some rights reserved)

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May 10, 2009

Villeroy & Boch in Gallerie10

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Until June 14 Gallerie10 in Utrecht will be showcasing the works of Villeroy & Boch (Alex Jacobs and Ellemieke Schoenmaker). Shown here: The Tree.

Via Trendbeheer (Dutch). Painting: Villeroy & Boch.

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March 9, 2009

Stijn Peeters draws his friends

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Stijn Peeters draws his friends from Myspace-like Dutch social network Hyves, and publishes the results there.

Via Trendbeheer (Dutch).

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April 2, 2008

The face of Leonardo Da Vinci revealed

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Siegfried Woldhek is a caricaturist from Giethoorn, Overijssel. Having drawn over a thousand portraits for newspapers in the past thirty years he feels himself eminently placed to try and figure out what Leonardo da Vinci looked like. In a short presentation he held at TED last February he explained his method, and showed the result.

Via BoingBoing.

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