August 15, 2008

How to tell ultra-portables have arrived

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This is the front page of this week’s issue of a DIY chain’s product folder. When DIY stores start not just selling computers, but ultra-portables at that, you know that ultra-portables have arrived.

For the non-geeks among us: ultra-portables are light-weight, small notebooks, suited for web browsing and word processing. Medion is a company that sells computers through supermarket chains such as Aldi, and apparently also through DIY stores. For the geeks among us: Medion Akyoa Mini, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, 1GB RAM, 80 GB HD, 10″, 1.2 KG, webcam, microphone, Windows XP, 802-11n. (Apparently this is the MSI Wind.)

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July 8, 2008

Computer key shaped candy

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Unfortunately, this cool keyboard candy is already sold out, although both the geek and salty black liquorice lover in me are screaming “me want”! My dentist would undoubtedly agree with Amsterdam based artist Peter Luining and his decision to limit his run though — I remember pulling my own milk tooth once with black liquorice, it’s that good, by which I mean bad. Trading under the name Ctrl Alt Del, Luining seems to have limited his packages to exactly those three keys. Which seems a pity. I am sure I am not the only one who could have eaten a whole keyboard.

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