August 2, 2008

Cheese most popular “caravan food”

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We’re in the middle of the six week school holiday period, so Dutch travel trailers have once again spread out across Europe. Not only do we have a reputation of traveling with trailers but also of bringing along our own food—what do you mean, we have to integrate too?

According to a study by insurance company Fortis though, bringing along your own food is in decline. “Only” a quarter of the Dutch still bring along foods (quote-unquote both by Z24 and me). Legend has it that we like to bring along our own spuds, but the study shows that the most popular caravan comestible is cheese, followed by chocolate sprinklings (hagelslag) and black liquorice (drop). Somewhat embarrassed I must admit the latter two make sense to me: hagelslag just goes well with French bread, and liquorice and iPods can help while away the long hours on the road.

Photo by Jon Sullivan, released into the public domain by its author.

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July 8, 2008

Computer key shaped candy

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Unfortunately, this cool keyboard candy is already sold out, although both the geek and salty black liquorice lover in me are screaming “me want”! My dentist would undoubtedly agree with Amsterdam based artist Peter Luining and his decision to limit his run though — I remember pulling my own milk tooth once with black liquorice, it’s that good, by which I mean bad. Trading under the name Ctrl Alt Del, Luining seems to have limited his packages to exactly those three keys. Which seems a pity. I am sure I am not the only one who could have eaten a whole keyboard.

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