August 30, 2017

Dutch world record holder goes for apples

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Luuk Broos, the Guinness World Record holder for biggest champagne glass pyramid (50,116 glasses, watch him pour the champage) since July 2017, is going for his next challenge: the world record for piling up apples.

Together with residents of Vinkel, Noord-Brabant, Broos is going to attempt to pile up some 6000 apples in order to break a world record. Besides champagne glasses, Broos also broke a world record a few years ago for piling up 5500 oranges, a feat he called “the biggest success of my career”.


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January 6, 2015

World’s largest Rubik’s Cube solved in 7.5 hours

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Rubik's cube-fake

Designed by Dutchman Oskar van Deventer, the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube, known as the Over The Top 17x17x17, was solved last November by American Kenneth Brandon.

Besides solving puzzles, Brandon also shoots time-lapse videos and made a six minute one of his solution here below. He also mentions that he has a 7.5 hour version floating around for his hardcore fans.

The Guinness World Records awarded the ‘largest order Rubik’s magic cube’ to the 17×17×17 cube made by Van Deventer in 2011. Van Deventer has all kinds of puzzles for sale, made with 3D printing technology.

(Link:, Photo: Rubik’s Cube knockoff)

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