May 10, 2018

Cider from discarded apples in Groningen

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A group of four middle school friends who call themselves the Doggerland team is launching their first cider made from leftover apples from gardens and orchards in the Groningen area. At the end of last year, people could donate their leftover apples for the cider and it’s now time to taste the results. In April, two ciders were launched: Gembergloed (with ginger) and Honinghout (with honey).

Doggerland explains that people with apple trees sometimes experience the harvest as a problem: they make apple pie and some compote, and then they are stuck with hundreds of kilos of apples that fall on the grass, get jammed in the lawn mower or attract wasps. “We wanted to do something about the unwanted apples and decided to make cider”, explains Marleen, one of the founders of Doggerland.

If you live in the Groningen area and donate a minimum of 10 kilos of apples to them, Doggerland will hook you up with some cider in return. There’s even a Facebook group for this very transaction. The cider is being made in the Biotoop, a former biomedical centre of the University of Groningen in the town of Haren, aptly being brewed in the old chemisty laboratory.


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August 30, 2017

Dutch world record holder goes for apples

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Luuk Broos, the Guinness World Record holder for biggest champagne glass pyramid (50,116 glasses, watch him pour the champage) since July 2017, is going for his next challenge: the world record for piling up apples.

Together with residents of Vinkel, Noord-Brabant, Broos is going to attempt to pile up some 6000 apples in order to break a world record. Besides champagne glasses, Broos also broke a world record a few years ago for piling up 5500 oranges, a feat he called “the biggest success of my career”.


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January 7, 2014

Boffins develop first ever sports drink for horses

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The Healthy Horse Hydration, already a mouthful to pronounce for many, is meant to be a sports drink for horses, the first ever of its kind.

For the record, if I were asked to come up with a better product name (I do get hired for product slogans), I’d call it ‘Power Horse’ or maybe ‘Horse Power’.

After a good run, the idea is to give your horse some HHH (why does that sound like a drug?) which apparently smells of apples. According to the video found in the link, it took hundreds of thousands of euro to develop the product, a pouch full of powder that dissolves in water when stirred that does look like apple juice. One of the scientists explains that the horse drinks the juice in the bucket thinking it will also get an apple and just ends up drinking the entire bucket.

On the whole, giving your horse a good drink after a good run sounds fine. Humans more often than not gulp down sports drinks for all the wrong reasons, including the insane amount of sugar in them. As well, comparing HHH to caffeine or taurine based drinks is already a huge mistake, as they are marketed as ‘energy’ drinks and not as sports drinks, plus they actually dehydrate instead of rehydrate.

And then there’s the Dutch word ‘paardenmiddel’ (paarden = horses, middel = means), which means ‘last ditch effort’ for something, which funny enough could work against the Dutch market image and partially explain the sour apple comments about HHH so far. Then again, if people don’t know the difference between sports drinks and energy drinks, their comments are for entertainment purposes only.

(Link:, Photo of Oostvaardersplassen horses by fransdewit, some rights reserved)

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November 7, 2011

Mobile restaurant modelled after apple crates

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One of this year’s Eindhoven Design Academy’s graduation projects was Ardie van Bommel’s Pure Nature.

The project consists of a group of tables, chairs and kitchen islands that were all made to look like they were made out of apple crates. Van Bommel originally wanted to use actual apple crates, but that approach did not lead to the desired results, Man and Public Space Magazine wrote.

Van Bommel even made, it seems, a diorama of her apple crate restaurant inside—you guessed it—an apple crate. Her website suggests that this restaurant was made for the Philips Fruittuin (a former job creation project initiated by the local electronics giant), although it’s not clear to me whether the set-up has ever been in actual use.

Via the Pop-Up City which has been running a series showcasing “ten great designs spotted at the Design Academy’s graduation show“.

See also: Mirrors that look like holes in the wall and other Eindhoven Design Academy graduation projects.


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