June 10, 2014

HEMA to hit London high street this week

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If Amsterdam can embrace major British retailer Marks & Spencer, then it seems only fair that London gets its very own HEMA. HEMA already conquered Paris in 2009 and has been a staple in Belgium for years, although France has more stores than Belgium. HEMA also exists in Germany, Luxembourg and even Spain.

HEMA’s unique Dutch designs are surely their best selling point, not just their low, rounded off prices — none of that ‘£1,99’ business. And despite the odd controversies HEMA gets itself into here, like plagiarising wine labels and encouraging children to cheat at school, HEMA was considered by 81% of the population as an essential brand in 2008.

I like their tea towels, socks and travel make-up, and sometimes even their food.

(Link: www.independent.co.uk, Photo by Hans Vandenbogaerde, some rights reserved)

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