September 21, 2012

Netherlands nabs two Ig Nobel prizes

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Dutch researchers have won two Ig Nobel prizes this year, fun science awards which ‘honour achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think’.

Researchers Anita Eerland, Rolf Zwaan and Tulio M. Guadalupe of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam won the psychology prize for their study on why leaning to the left makes the Eiffel Tower seem smaller.

US-based Dutch biologist Frans de Wal and American partner Jennifer Pokorny won the anatomy prize for research showing that chimpanzees can recognize their fellow chimps from photographs of their butts.

The Dutch have won many times before. We posted about rats that cannot tell between Japanese and Dutch in 2007 and research on reducing astma symptoms by taking people for a roller coaster ride in 2010.


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October 1, 2010

Dutch scientists win Ig Nobel Prize for medicine

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The Ig Nobel awards are tongue-in-cheek awards of Improbable Research, “Research that makes people laugh and then think”. At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachussets yesterday, the Ig Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to Simon Rietveld (University of Amsterdam) and Ilja van Beest (University of Tilburg) for research on ‘reducing astma symptoms by taking them for a roller coaster ride’.

The Dutch have won before, we posted about Rats cannot tell between Japanese and Dutch back in 2007.