February 25, 2014

Dutch authorities let nature have its island back

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Considering how much land the Dutch have reclaimed over the years, giving an island back to nature is definitely newsworthy.

Back in 2012 we told you about how two lucky people could apply as a tandem to watch birds on the island of Rottumeroog as a summer job. Unfortunately, last December, a storm apparently weakened the dunes around the house, which has now been destroyed, leaving the island uninhabited.

Only last month the only trail on Rottumeroog was officially named ‘Jan Brandspad’. The island’s municipality, Eemsmond, had to give the trail a name as required by law. There were even plans to put up a street sign.”

(Link: www.iamexpat.nl, Photo of Texel island by Searocket, some rights reserved)

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December 12, 2012

Working on a deserted Dutch island

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Finally want to cross off ‘my favourite music if I were stuck on a deserted island’ from your bucket list? Then do we have a nice gig for you: watching birds on a Dutch island.

From April to July 2013, Staatsbosbeheer, which manages nature reserves, is looking for two people to camp out and watch birds on Rottumeroog (Rottum), a small uninhabited island with restricted access.

Ideally you’ll need to apply as a tandem because Staatsbosbeheer wants to have two people that get along well. You’ll also get to stalk butterflies and plants, and write it all down.

(Link: www.blikopnieuws.nl, Photo of Texel island by Searocket, some rights reserved)

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