May 29, 2007

Mobile junkfood as art in Almere

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Artist Tilmann Meyer-Faje of Almere, Flevoland has started a ‘kroket’ art project and has been riding through the Stedenwijk Noord neighbourhood in a mobile kroket car he made himself. Once the artist found out that krokets had a rich past, he started collecting kroket recipes from neighbourhood residents. Besides collecting recipes and selling krokets, Tilmann also collected kroket stories. The kroket project will end on 7 July.

Some people keep arguing that krokets are not as junky as they used to be, but that does not mean they are healthy. And if anyone wants to catch the kroket car and taste sutff, here is the schedule.


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March 26, 2007

The Netherlands boast the cheapest Big Mac

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The Dutch sell the cheapest Big Mac at 2,95 euro. In Belgium it costs 3,40 euro, in Denmark 3,72 euro, and in Germany 2,99 euro. It is the first time since the Big Mac Index was started in 2002 that The Netherlands is the cheapest Big Mac country of Western Europe.

As a comparison, Switzerland is the most expensive at 3,91 euro, while the Ukraine is the cheapest at 1,32 euro (not part of Western Europe according to the index).

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