October 13, 2020

Facebook blocks Lebowski quote search engine by mistake

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According to British-Canadian journalist and author Cory Doctorow on Twitter, Dutch digital rights activist Hans De Zwart, who used to head up digital rights organisation Bits of freedom in Amsterdam, created the search engine thebiglebow.ski that generates fun quotes from 1998 American cult classic ‘The Big Lebowski’.

Right from the start, the site had the rug pulled out from under it, as it was blocked by Facebook (and Instagram) with the message “Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.” De Zwart wanted to complain to Facebook, but without a Facebook account, he couldn’t. As a digital rights activist, he doesn’t use social media, but he joined Facebook just to be able to file a complaint. He was also annoyed at the fact that he couldn’t spell his Dutch last name correctly, de Zwart with a lower case d. He was basically told ‘thanks for the feedback’, which is big tech speak for f*** you.

About a month later, De Zwart bought a five euro Facebook advert in order to be able to communicate with the tech giant. His advert was rejected with “This ad contains or refers to content that has been blocked by our security systems (#1885260)”. This error code means nothing to mortals, so he tried to complain. First, he had to agree to “four sets of legal terms”, after which he was told “Thanks for helping us improve!” He was down five euro and still didn’t have an answer. “It appears that Facebook will only look at problems if they realise that it might cost them too much political or media capital if they continue to ignore them”, he explained.

A few days after the author of the article below presented the case to a Facebook PR person, the problem was magically solved. Nobody had reported thebiglebow.ski for abusive material: it had simply been incorrectly labelled by Facebook’s automated tools as spam.

Now either watch the movie if you have not seen it and pour yourself a White Russian when you do, if that’s your thing.

(Link: medium.com, image thebiglebow.ski)

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October 11, 2017

4DX technology hits theatres in December

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As of December, cinema theatres Pathé De Munt in Amsterdam and Pathé De Kuip in Rotterdam will open their first ever 4D cinema theatres, which include moving chairs, weather simulations like wind, and odours.

The 4DX technology that will be used adds 20 elements to films. Besides motion, weathers and smells, chairs can also move up and down, backwards and forwards, even left and right to get a feel for flying or diving, not unlike a rollercoaster ride, but more like a heavy duty video game.

Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for the fun, and although it hasn’t been determined yet, French cinemas that already offer the service charge an additional 6 euro, to give you an idea. The 4DX cinemas will only have about 150 seats available, with four seats next to each other, and will also have special seats for people with limited mobility.

(Link: bright.nl, tallfoot, some rights reserved)

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April 19, 2008

Hitchcock’s The Birds without birds

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Video-artist Martijn Hendriks is removing the birds from scenes of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic thriller The Birds for his current project Give Us Today Our Daily Terror, and presents the curious visitor with stills and a number of clips in the meantime. Very eerie in its own right.

Via Poste Restante (Dutch).

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