September 9, 2015

Palestinian and Israeli restaurateurs make chick peace

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chick-peas-personal-creationsIn July a vegetarian Palestinian restaurant opened its doors on the Weimarstraat in the Hague called Love & Peas.

The pun refers to the fact that the two men running the place hail from opposite sides in a war. The manager, Muawi Shehadeh, is Palestinian and the chef, Yuval Gal, is Israeli.

“When we met three years ago we immediately started cracking politically incorrect jokes about our backgrounds”, Gal told AD, “and that created a bond.”

The paper notes that this isn’t the first joint Palestinian-Israeli restaurant in Europe — London has its Ottolenghi chain.

Ynet quotes the Israeli ambassador to the Netherlands, Haim Divon: “My wife Linda discovered the place on a social network site. The idea of Israeli-Palestinian cooperation got around and became the talk of the day here because everyone likes this new venture. […] It’s truly hard to believe we’re sitting in a restaurant in The Hague. The hummus is really tasty.”

(Photo by Personal Creations, some rights reserved)

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December 12, 2010

Infographic: Palestinian-Israeli conflict projected onto the Netherlands

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What if it had been the Frisians who had suffered a holocaust in say, the United States of America? Journalist Joris Luyendijk pondered the possibility in a short alternate history in his book ‘Het zijn net mensen’ (They are almost like people).

The Frisians will have their own state, and what place could be more logical than the ancient home land? Despite protests from the Dutch the United Nations agree to the plan, and from the entire world people of Frisian descent flock towards the new state of Frisia, well sponsored by the Americans.


A peace process follows, and the Dutch get allotted Limburg, a small part of Zeeland and chunks of Noord Brabant. Those regions are not allowed to be called The Netherlands, the country is not allowed to have an army, and the borders are continuously guarded by Frisian troops.

Graphical design student Ruiter Janssen (Willem de Koning Academie) was inspired by this fragment to create the above info graphic—called The Frisian-Dutch Conflict—which was then published by NRC in February of this year.

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