April 22, 2009

Learn to be a prostitute in Amsterdam

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Moulin Rouge

If you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be a window prostitute, now you can actually learn the tricks of the trade from an expert. The course is given by Mariska Majoor who used to work as a prostitute and now runs the Prostitute Information Centre in Amsterdam’s Red Light district. She lets people experience what it’s like to work as a window prostitute. Majoor says that she has been telling her story for ages and that “people still gape in awe and find it exciting, but don’t understand what it’s really like.”

Of all the people in Amsterdam, Mariska Majoor is probably the best ‘teacher’ you’ll ever have. A local expert in prostitution and educating people about it, she apparently provides information to some 22,000 visitors a year.

(Link: waarmaarraar.nl)

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January 19, 2009

Screening process for Amsterdam prostitutes

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Moulin Rouge

In an attempt to reduce the number of women forced into prostitution, unexperienced working girls in Amsterdam’s red light district are to be interviewed and must answer a bunch of questions about why they want to get into the ‘oldest profession in the world’. Bordello owners will have to inquire about identity, age and nationality of the girl, her family, any criminal record, education and language skills. The first three you can get from a passport, unless it’s fake. It sounds like questions immigration usually asks even though they have 20 copies of the info already.

The girls will also have to divulge how they get to work (bicycle vs. some big guy in a BMW who tells me to shut up all the time?) and demonstrate ‘some knowledge’ of the Dutch language and of Amsterdam. Speaking Dutch, fine, but I bet they do have to speak a lot of English with those shy Japanese businessmen. Knowledge of Amsterdam? Like what, where you can get food at 2 am? The local government can barely get taxi drivers to show off their knowledge of Amsterdam.

According to the article, many employers already take the time to check out their future employees, but not all of them. The idea is to get everyone to weed out forced prostitution. If I remember correctly, I once read that 70% of all prostitutes in Amsterdam were foreigners, which I imagine makes the city ripe for exploiting women. But I don’t know, and hope this is all for the better. Oh, and only if this screening works will it be applied to other places in Amsterdam were prostitutes work.

(Link: parool.nl)

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December 2, 2008

John keeps socks on, gets busted

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A man got arrested last Sunday after he kept his socks on for sex. The prostitute at the Doubletstraat in The Hague whose services he was availing himself of thought his behaviour was strange and asked him about it—she thought maybe he had cold feet. The man admitted that he was carrying a valuable load of drugs in his socks, and even offered to sell some of it to his supplier of sex. Instead the woman called out to two police officers who were passing through the street and who in turn arrested the man and discovered that indeed, he had hidden “229 drug balls, 32 pony packs cocaine and 2 bags of marijuana” in his socks, according to the Telegraaf (Dutch).

Photo by Lauren Weinhold, some rights reserved. Boy is there a lot of sock porn on Flickr.

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October 2, 2008

Street miles for hookers in Eindhoven

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The city of Eindhoven wants to reward street hookers for good behaviour, which seems to mean getting out of the hooker business. Instead of earning ‘air miles’, originally a Dutch concept by the way, prostitutes get to earn ‘street miles’ so they can buy things from the city. I still have no idea what that could be as I write this!

The city has a range of plans to help hookers stop with their street corner activities. Interestingly enough, the plans were not thought up by bureaucrats, but by… designers! City council called in the Eindhoven Design Academy and the Cologne International School of Design. The Germans thought up a plan to provide structure to the hookers’ lives with the help of coaches. By way of a credit system they will be rewarded when they participate in certain – I suppose – more wholesome activities. They will also get some sort of common room where they can meet and swap stories.

(Link: waarmaarraar.nl, Photo: omroepbrabant.nl)

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April 19, 2007

IT nerds, get it here!

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Two female ex students from Rotterdam have started an escort service that specialises in deflowering men. The ladies who work for the escort service have been specially trained for this. Clients can lose their virginity in bed, in the sauna or in a limousine, even by two women at once. And instead of cuddling, the women will answer their questions about sex in general.

According to owners Zoë and Marieke, most male virgins between 20 and 35 years of age work in the IT sector. ”Every virgin I know works with computers. They are very nice, but have a lack of social skills. They mean well, but get increasingly anxious because they don’t come into contact with women.”


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March 29, 2007

Open house at the Red Light District

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Amsterdam is famous for its wonderful canals, the Van Gogh museum, the flower market, the … ah, who are we kidding, when you go to Amsterdam, you visit the Red Light District. If you have been to the Red Light District before, but shyness or prudishness, or even plain old out-of-pocketness have stopped you from availing yourself of the services of a prostitute, or from watching an erotic show, now’s your chance to look behind the famous red-lit windows. On Saturday March 31 from noon to 6 p.m., the Prostitutie Informatie Centrum will hold an open house (Dutch) at the Red Light District. You’ll be able to visit prostitutes’ rooms, a sex theatre, and even (children, cover your eyes) the Salvation Army.

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