June 22, 2018

‘Don’t mess with stroopwafels’, says American airline passenger

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An American passenger on United Airlines was upset when their usual stroopwafel was replaced by a ‘maple wafer cookie’, which I bet has ‘pole syrup’ instead of any kind of actual maple syrup in it. Qu├ębec, which produces 75% of the world’s maple syrup, colloquially refers to fake maple syrup as ‘pole syrup’ – maple-flavoured corn syrup, fictitiously coming from telephone poles rather than sugar maple trees.

Jeroen Daelmans of the Daelmans in Nieuwkuijk, Noord-Brabant responded in the media with surprise about United pulling their stroopwafels as well as being stunned by the public’s response to being denied his company’s product. He hopes United will listen to their passengers and get back to serving the beloved treat.

We know all too well here in the Netherlands that you don’t mess with stroopwafels, and hopefully international businesses will get the message as well.

(Link: omroepbrabant.nl)

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October 17, 2011

Occupy Amsterdam: some impressions

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“Give us our money back, dude!”

Following in the footsteps of Occupy Wall Street and other recent big city protests in London, Rome and Brussels, Amsterdam started its ‘occupation’ on Saturday, 15 October with some 1500 people. On Sunday, 16 October, only some die hards in tents were left, with many people visiting and listening to speakers in circles sitting on the ground telling stories about capitalism. There was also food and people singing Bob Dylan songs.

Some Dutch tweeps (Twitter users) were wondering how long the people on the Beursplein (our Wall Street, if you will) would 1) stay camping 2) be allowed by the police to keep camping. By Dutch standards, it’s getting cold outside and today some people will have to go to work at some point.

And yes, it looks more like a student protest, but in all fairness, the slogans were good and very much to the point: banks are totally screwing us. The Dutch have had bank troubles with DSB (bankrupt in 2009), ABN Amro (acquired and broken up by the government in 2009) and ING, although the latter paid its debt back in full, if I am not mistaken. The Belgians had a nasty fight with Fortis (partially Dutch owned at the time) and are now in a crisis with Dexia, partially owned by the French.

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