September 6, 2018

Apply as a stroopwafel maker in Waddinxveen

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Dutch media keeps saying that there are all kinds of job openings right now in the Netherlands, and then there’s becoming a stroopwafel maker at Markus & Markus Stroopwafels, which has to be someone’s dream job.

The stroopwafel company in Waddinxveen, South Holland needs a few people to make the Dutch treat from 6 am to 6 pm in the morning. The right candidates also have to be accurate, independent and flexible, and ideally have ‘a Christian mindset’. The company’s treats are made ‘the old-fashioned way’, honestly and with natural ingredients.

You might have to taste them, but that’s not your main role. Applications can apparently be sent in by e-mail until end of business today.

Internationally, more and more countries sell stroopwafels (I saw some made with maple syrup in Canada this summer), while some folks will even complain if you replace them with something else on long-haul flights.


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June 22, 2018

‘Don’t mess with stroopwafels’, says American airline passenger

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An American passenger on United Airlines was upset when their usual stroopwafel was replaced by a ‘maple wafer cookie’, which I bet has ‘pole syrup’ instead of any kind of actual maple syrup in it. Qu├ębec, which produces 75% of the world’s maple syrup, colloquially refers to fake maple syrup as ‘pole syrup’ – maple-flavoured corn syrup, fictitiously coming from telephone poles rather than sugar maple trees.

Jeroen Daelmans of the Daelmans in Nieuwkuijk, Noord-Brabant responded in the media with surprise about United pulling their stroopwafels as well as being stunned by the public’s response to being denied his company’s product. He hopes United will listen to their passengers and get back to serving the beloved treat.

We know all too well here in the Netherlands that you don’t mess with stroopwafels, and hopefully international businesses will get the message as well.


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May 7, 2008

Selling Dutch sweets in Morocco

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After one Moroccan entrepreneur decided to make Gouda cheese in the Sahara, another Moroccan in Rotterdam is going to attempt making stroopwafels – also originally from the town of Gouda – and sell them in Morocco.

You’d think someone would have thought of this already, but according to businessman Mimoun el Arkoub, no one has. He explains that Moroccans love sweets and many of them know about Dutch food, so why not sell stroopwafels there? He bought himself two huge machines to produce the delights and is getting ready to crank them out and sell lots of them.

One major flop of pushing Dutch fare I have heard about in the past and seen on TV was convincing the Chinese to eat cheese. From what the Chinese, the Dutch people I know who have lived in China and others have said, the Chinese are not big on dairy products in general and have a problem with the smell of cheese. I mean, have you ever had cheese at a Chinese restaurant? The appeal of a huge market like China does not mean that if you just market real hard, they’ll start eating cheese. How many decades did it take the Dutch to drink wine? Think about it.


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