August 7, 2009

André Rieu plays in famous Australian soap

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World-famous violinist and orchestra leader André Rieu, the man some of you love and others love to hate, has really done it this time. The Australian soap Neighbours, which is very popular in the UK, is known for some odd storylines, but according to UK site LastBroadcast, “they have strayed from ‘a bit random’ into full-on WTF territory.”

And that’s where our man André comes in — at No. 1! We were already surprised when he got his own postage stamps in July, but now he can be seen coming out of a whale of a limo to serenade Paul and Rebecca on Ramsay Street with other residents join in the ballroom dancing. I’m at a loss for words and so was André when he was reading his lines (or so it sounds like).

(Link:, via, thanks Alex for the tip!)

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