July 27, 2009

Dutch apps for iPhone: useful and useless

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Although this September you could take a course on how to design iPhone applications in the Netherlands, I would suggest you start thinking about what kind of apps you want to unleash onto the world today. Here are three totally different Dutch apps to get you going. Tell us about more Dutch ones and we’ll check them out.

First, a silly app called Walk The Line, a ‘playful sobriety test’ from a well-known beer brand (no, the other one with big green bottles), which is fun if you’ve had a few and totally useless if you’re seriously thinking of driving. If you can count, you’re better off. You cannot legally drive after two beers. If you’ve recently obtained your licence, it’s one beer. If it’s me, drink something non-alcoholic.

The world’s first augmented reality browser Layar by Sprx mobile in Amsterdam is something useful and original. Looking forward to its bright future.

Then, there’s Trein (‘Train’), the still buggy but useful app that pissed off the Dutch Railways. Anyone know more about this one? We’re curious, as if it is still being developed, the big bad railway must have lost or given up.

(Link: trendhunter.com, Photo: Photo by William Hook, some rights reserved.)

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