May 30, 2008

Record gift voucher to be replaced by chip card

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The Nationale Entertainmentbon, colloquially still known as the Nationale Platenbon (national record gift voucher), has been given its sentence. At the end of this year, the voucher that would have celebrated its 50th anniversary next year will be no more, Dutch Cowboys report (Dutch). On 1 September, the voucher will be replaced by a chip card that gives its buyer a couple more options. Choices. The buyer can decide the amount (up to 150 euro), and can use the card to shop on the internet.

The Dutch Cowboys also mention that the association for Dutch music stores has seen its membership dwindle from 1600 to 400 stores in the past few years.

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November 17, 2007

Belgian Robin Hood ‘robs’ Dutch chain store

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Belgian Norbert Verswijver went to the Dutch chain store Blokker in Merksem near Antwerpen with a bag full of discount vouchers. He was smart enough to notice that the vouchers did not have the usual “cannot be combined with other promotions” disclaimer. Basically, Blokker made a huge mistake.

“For example, I buy a television set with a 20% off voucher. For the remaining amount, I use another one until the price is EUR 0.” The man even checked his assumptions beforehand with authorities in the matter and brought along a bailiff.

He scored EUR 48,511 in televisions, CD burners and what have you, and paid a mere EUR 0,60. The woman who owned the stored tried to block the sale, and called the CEO to tell him what was going on. Later, Mr Verswijver called the CEO to tell him his side of the story. ”I totally understand this woman at the shop. I hope that they will deliver the goods because if they don’t, I will take them to court and probably win.

Mr Verswijver is planning other such moves and calls himself a modern-day Robin Hood because he shares his booty with others.

(Link:, Photo: Blokker in Enschede, The Netherlands)

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