July 18, 2017

Second biggest yacht in the world sails by

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Off the coast of the Netherlands near Wijk aan Zee, North Holland someone has apparently spotted and filmed Dutch-built yacht Oceanco Y712, the second biggest sailing yacht ever-built in the world, which looks like a modern-day pirate ship when its sails are out. Someone also took a video of its maiden voyage last February in Hoek van Holland, South Holland, which has that pirate feel as well, thanks to the weather.

The Y712 is 106 metres long (or 105 metres depending on sources), and earlier this year was the biggest yacht ever built until it was surpassed by the Jubilee Y714, which looks very different and is 110 metres long, making it the biggest yacht ever built in the world.

The rumours were that someone super rich was taking the Y712 out for a spin, but nobody knows who that was. I can tell you that Oceanco’s website is in English and in Russian, which gives you an idea of their clientele.

UPDATE: Now called the Black Pearl, the yacht belongs to a Russian man.

(Links and photo: bic-news, quotenet.nl)

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December 10, 2007

Posing naked for the church calendar

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Let’s help save our church and raise money posing naked! Sounds just like the plotline for Calendar Girls. And it is. Thirty women posed naked to raise money for the restoration of their church in the coastal village of Wijk aan Zee, North Holland. The youngest participant is 40 and the oldest is 78.

The bricks of the 500-year old church are slowly eroding due to sand, sea and wind because the bricks are of poor quality. The naughty calendar shoud raise some money to pay for the restauration. However, the church 25,000 euro. The women were photographed in and around the church, naked and with angel wings. And it’s all Photoshop-free.

The calendars will be sold during the Christmas market for 12,50 euro a pop. Only 250 were printed. If my math is correct, this means a mere 3,125 euro if they sell out. I gave up on dividing 30 by 12.

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