May 25, 2014

Photographer Céline Manz takes on Terry Richardson

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Céline Manz is a Zürich-born, Amsterdam-based photographer who graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2013. Earlier this year she published Hungry for Love, a book in which she cuts up titillating images to highlight their innate ridiculous nature. Sexy becomes silly really fast.

At least, that’s what I thought. New Dawn is not as sure about Manz’s intentions: “The reader has no choice but to remain unsatisfied. The result looks like Terry Richardson’s visual language (he gets a ‘thank you’ note in the book), but no clear stock can be made from this fleshy stew. Satisfying or lust inducing?”

Judge for yourself (note: decidedly NSFW). You can buy a print copy or download a PDF version of the book at Manz’s website.

Terry Richardson is an American photographer known for his amateur aesthetic, mature subject matter and controversial shoots. In 2001 he worked on an advertising campaign for Sisley also called Hungry for Love that Manz appears to have used as the basis for her book.

Manz is not the first Swiss-born, Amsterdam-based photographer we’re looking at this month.

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March 25, 2012

Drawings by Niels Kalk

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If you look closely, you may recognise a famous duck.

Niels Kalk lives and works in Berlin, but is from the Netherlands and studies at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. In 2004 he drew a four-pager for Zone 5300. His Flickr collection is extensive and also shows off his love for collage.

(Link tip: Remco Polman)

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April 9, 2007

Zone 5300, spring 2007

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[Cover of Zone 5300, issue 14-1]The spring issue of Zone 5300 (tagline: Comics, Culture and Curiosa) is out. Apart from the usual suspects (Mr. Mack, Maaike’s Diary, Troglodytes, Olga, Boerke, Cowboy John) there are:

– Carrièremoves (Career Moves) by Robert van Raffe, showing that the meta-comic isn’t dead, no matter how hard we club it over the head

[panel from Armand and Ilva]– An interview with Thé Tjong Khing (right), perhaps best known for his children’s books illustrations, but also for his recently republished Arman & Ilva sci-fi comic (written by Lo Hartog van Banda)

– An admission by Fool’s Gold editor Frits Jonker that he has taken part of his variety show to the Web in his new Showcase blog

zone_5300-14_1-raymond_teitsma.jpg– An interview with Utrecht-based collage artist Raymond Teitsma (left)

– And also comics by Wasco, Vladan Nikolic & Aleksandar Pavkovic, and Brooklyn-based Israeli artist Koren Shadmi. This month no Plageman (Beachman), I’m afraid. I should have nagged more.

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