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Sticky tape on a roll (HEMA design contest 2007)


This design for a tape dispenser by Derk Reilink (fourth year student Industrial Product Design at the Saxion Hogeschool in Enschede) won second place in this year’s HEMA Design Competition. First place was won by Annet Hennink, who came up with a disposable cake stand. I also like the pan lid with holes, making it easier to drain water after you’ve boiled your veggies.

HEMA, a large department chain store in the Netherlands and Belgium, organises a design competition each year. It then picks winning designs and puts these into production. The most famous of these was the winner of the first ever competition, the Lapin (French for rabbit), a tea kettle that looks just like a bunny rabbit.

Most of the products sold at HEMA are from the house brand. The chain seems to pride itself in its “staples”: in its advertising campaigns, it prominently advertises its underwear, clothes pegs, bicycle lights, pans and so on. Hence the theme of this year’s competition: the new HEMA staple.

Link (Dutch), link (French, PDF).

Edit: image replaced by one that contains the final design.

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