Ecological font


Utrecht based ad agency Spranq made a font environmentally friendly by making holes in the glyphs. The result is called Ecofont, and according to an article by NPR, this will save its users up to 15% in ink. The idea is that you set this font, a free download, as the standard font for printing drafts and e-mails and such. Ecofont is based on the liberally licensed Bitstream Vera font.


  1. No One says:

    Wait, why not just print at 50% grey or using low-ink/low-toner mode if you want to save ink?

  2. hajar says:

    using 50% grey is NOT saving ink.

  3. […] Deja un Comentario Hace algún tiempo la agencia de publicidad Spranq presentó una fuente ecológica que utilizaba menos cantidad de tinta, gracias a pequeños agujeros ubicados dentro del cuerpo de la letra. La idea era buena, sencilla y […]

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