March 4, 2009

Heavy metal is bad for kids and my beauty sleep

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In the growing catergory of the War on fun and religious people publically showcasing their crisis of faith to the media who enjoy running with it, let’s take a stab at a golden oldie target-wise: heavy metal music.

A local religious association from Middelstum (Stichting de Cederborg), some 15 km from Groningen, is protesting against a pop event called Sunsation that’s been around for years. They claim the music pushes kids to suicide and oh yeah, they make noise. “Rap and pop rock have a negative influence on children and heavy metal is really focused on suicide. And we have church on Sunday. It’s important to get a good night’s rest.”

I’m totally down with that last bit (the rest part), but the first bit is top quality bull, and not a good way to win an argument in 2009. The organisers of the event explain that the Cederborg people are trying to draw attention to something the event has nothing to do with. The organisers are also avidly looking for a better location.

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February 24, 2009

Send back those unsollicited creationism folders

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The year 2009 is the year of Charles Darwin, the English father of the theory of evolution. Some Christian man with methinks way too much time and money on his hands printed up a big, colourful folder about how God made the Earth in six days and all that jazz. I haven’t seen it yet, true, but I’m looking forward to it. Needless to say, thousands of people are insulted at receiving unsollicited storytelling folders in their mailboxes, especially since they did not order it. A campaign entitled Terug naar je maker (Back to your maker) is encouraging folks to sing a petition and send the storytelling folder back to its maker, the man from Urk, a village known for its religious views and alcoholic youth.

Forget about the holes in Darwin’s theory’s (so I’ve heard), forget trying to follow the Bible, a book almost nobody can read in its original language (angels are male and female, a theologist Ph.D. friend who reads Aramaic used to tell me) and don’t get into this silly debate that just muddles the pain of the financial crisis. Just think that some zealot wasted tens of thousands of euro when he could have helped out in his community and thought it worthy to kill trees to tell us something we can read on our own good time or not in the Bible.

The more you need to convince others, the more you need to convince yourself. You could have opened a school in Africa somewhere with that money. Shame on you.

For the locals among you, print this out (the real stickers are sold out!) and put it on your mailbox:


You can also sign the petition here (in Dutch).

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