Sewer pipes as hotel rooms


Camping ‘t Buitengewoon Groenhoff in Vriescheloo, Groningen, is using sewer pipes to build a ‘bear hotel,’ although intended to house paying human guests instead of bears.

The ‘caves’ will each have a bed and two chairs, and are meant to house the participants of team-building sessions and similar outings. Apparently, the brainstorm that led to this idea was drenched in beer. Staying a day under these spartan conditions will set one back about 100 euro, a price that includes three meals.

The camping is not the first to use sewer pipes as rooms, a hotel in Austria has done something similar before.

See also: 25 years of wine barrels as hotel rooms.

(Photo: ‘t Buitengewoon Groenhoff. Link: Bright.)

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  1. Etienne Posthumus says:

    And of course homeless kids (and grownups) the world over have been living in sewer pipes for years. The image that would be most familiar to people in NL are the scenes from ‘Tsotsi’ filmed in South Africa.

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