Game on: Dutch guys keep kicking Fox News’ lies


Poor, poor Amsterdam. It’s tough having everyone wanting to clean you up and use you as the symbol of everything bad in the world. As if the US was so clean and well-balanced. Fox News is so ignorant it’s sad. Dear American readers — do something!

“Robbert (26) and Elian (28) live in Amsterdam. They created the TruthAboutAmsterdam website as a response to silly prejudices about Amsterdam. TV host Bill O’Reilly from Fox News (USA) is one of the most hilarious representatives of these false ideas. We aim to show you a more realistic view of Amsterdam.”



  1. lehmanade says:

    […] Bill O’Reilly continues his fearmongering about Amsterdam, and the Dutch continue to expose hi…. Another YouTube video reveals his lies. This entry was posted in Lemons. Bookmark the permalink. Comments are closed, but you can leave a trackback: Trackback URL. « Previous Post […]

  2. Neil says:

    Americans have been taking action against another FOX NEWS Corp broadcaster Glenn Beck who said President Obama is “a racist” and has a “deep-seated hatred for white people.”

    Glenn Beck is on a campaign to convince the American public that President Obama’s agenda is about serving the needs of Black communities at White people’s expense. It’s repulsive, divisive and shouldn’t be on the air.

    We have successfully pressured 57 advertisers to remove the advertisements from Glenn Back’s broadcast. See: Eleven more advertisers ditch Glenn Beck,

    Bill O’Reilly doesn’t hate Amsterdam, Bill O’Reilly hates liberalism no matter where he finds it. And yet he slanders your city and your people and he has no accountability for his lies. Why does FOX NEWS Corp allow this dreck on the air? Because it makes money.

    I am from Boston USA and I don’t watch FOX NEWS because of three despicable broadcasters who are not held accountable for telling lies; Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. If the US Federal Communications Committee is not gong to do anything about it, we must take it into our own hands.

    The most effective thing to do is pressure the advertisers on O’Reilly to remove their advertising. Ask them to advertise on Shep Smith’s show instead or another network but not on O’Reilly.

    Remember, FOX NEWS Corp doesn’t give one wit about the truth, they care only about the money.

  3. Branko Collin says:

    Well, yes, Glenn Beck is a bit of a toadie. But I loved him in Office Space!

  4. Darth Paul says:

    Tell you what- if A’dam is willing to offer a little in return (say, 5 nights at any non-RLD hotel of my choice, no blackout periods), I’ll be happy to do something about FOX’s anti-Dutchness before worrying about their xenophobia, racism, slander, bigotry, and sexism.

  5. […] News slamming Amsterdam without any facts to back it up made students produce excellent videos: Game on: Dutch guys keep kicking Fox News’ lies and It’s anarchy here, Fox News said […]

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