Wanted Dutch criminal already in jail



“One of the Netherlands’ eight most wanted criminals has turned out to be in jail in Belgium since 2008. To the embarrassment of the Dutch justice authorities, the fact that man is serving a 10-year sentence there only became known after they had released their ‘most wanted’ list.”

Seven more to go!

A few days ago, there was a whole discussion about whether publishing the list was a good idea, the pros, the cons (darn those puns) and the usual round table discussion that fuels evening television in the Netherlands. The irony was that releasing a list of eight heavy duty criminals was a first and the goal was to let the public help.

I can picture it now. After not having received any info in 2007 from Belgium on the whereabouts of this bad man once he was off the Dutch radar, some employee checked off the box ‘AWOL’ or something and that was that. Somehow, the bad man landed in jail in Belgium and no information was given on that and the box ‘AWOL’ remained checked. Don’t you just love this European Union thing sometimes.

(Link: rnw.nl, Photo of Schie prison by Miek37, some rights reserved)


  1. Miek37 says:

    Ghehehe en dat terwijl de nieuwe Nederlandse adjunct-directeur van Europol vanmorgen in het programma “Goedemorgen Nederland” (zijn eerste tv optreden) nog heel trots vertelde dat de samenwerking met de andere landen zo goed verliep! ;-)


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