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Web service lets grannies embroider your handkerchief


Do you need an embroidered handkerchief, but you lack a grandmother with a taste for needle craft? Fear not, employs needle-wielding grandmothers with lots of spare time who will embroider a phrase of your choice onto a handkerchief for only 10 euro.

The delivery time of any given ‘smartlapje’ is ‘when it is ready.’

According to Bright, the site is a part of the Liefde in de Stad (Love in the City) art project.

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  1. Catherine says:

    Let’s talk about how Dutch men of all ages carry and use handkerchiefs and how that’s totally gross. This generalization was obtained via informal poll at a party where about 8 Dutch men were present.

  2. locowings says:

    i dont think handkerchiefs are nasty at all. in fact, i sneeze quite often and definitely get some sniffles while out riding my bike – especially in the cold. handkerchiefs make more sense then carrying around packages of tissue. make less waste too.

  3. […] a follow-up to the project Liefde in de Stad (Love in the City) and going online and letting grannies embroider your handkerchief, I went to the actual ‘Smartlapje’ (handkerchief) party with lots of grandmothers, […]

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