Man mistakes urinal for sink


Bibi Telleman, reporter for 105 TV, was doing a behind the scenes bit about the cleanliness of the facilities at the Liberation Day festival in Haarlem last week, when a member of the North American intelligentsia decided it was time to teach the rest of the world a lesson about hygiene. (Either that, or he wanted to attention-whore.)

Orangemaster says to give a big shout out to all the poor drudges like her who have to DJ the Ascension festivals today. (“Shout-out?” She did not say “shout-out.” It was something not as 2003.)

To borrow words from Youtube: as seen on Boingboing and Milk and Cookies.


  1. Eric says:


  2. Jay Vos says:

    I nearly spilled my Grolsch beer when I was this! *splatter!*

  3. Jay Vos says:

    Oops, “when I watched this” (not ‘was,’ which would be an entirely different meaning LOL).

  4. […] It’s one thing to mistake the Rolling Stones logo for women’s lips (and certainly a good argument), but to piss in a sink at a festival is just wrong yet funny. Watch Man mistakes urinal for sink. […]

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