Ice Man controls some of his body’s systems


Ice Man Wim Hof holds many ice-related records, including one he broke just last week in Lapland, Finland: he walked 10 kilometers uphill in his bare feet and shorts in -10 degrees celsius in 56 minutes without having trained for it.

A while back we told about Dutch scientists who wanted to poke and prod him to find out what makes him so special, although Hof himself attributes his feats to Tummo meditaion.

The quick and dirty version is that Hof can control his central nervous system through his meditation, blocking out feelings of cold and also in the process his immune system, so that he doesn’t get sick. The boffins experimented on 240 people and Hof’s results were remarkably different.

A big Happy Birdthday to Wim Hof who turned 52 today, and who is now certified a really cool freak of nature. And even if you do this kind of meditation, chances are you won’t achieve any of the same results.

(Link: gelderlander)

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