Fresh Prime Minister Rutte to keep his other job as high school teacher


Mark Rutte, the first liberal Dutch Prime Minister since WWI, has told parliament in a letter that he will keep a teaching position at a high school in The Hague.

Rutte teaches a two-hour sociology and civics class (maatschappijleer) to VMBO students at the Johan de Witt College. He won’t be remunerated for his second job, RTL Z reports. Rutte has moved his two-hour class from Friday to Thursday, as the former date would conflict with cabinet meetings.

VMBO is a practice oriented type of secondary school.

Queen Beatrix appointed Rutte and his right-wing cabinet last Thursday, brutally squashing hopes that the Dutch could take back the record for going the longest time without government.

(Photo by Petra de Boevere, some rights reserved)

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  1. Orangemaster says:

    I still have a problem with him being single. Once he does (if he does) get into a relationship, he’ll neglect part of his duties. There’s a good reason for a Prime MInster to have a stable family environment, it’s not just old fashioned thinking.

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