ACAB is not an insult, Dutch court rules


Back in 2009 we told you about a man arrested for having an insulting, tattooed abbreviation, which was ACAB that stands for All Cops Are Bastards. Another man was convicted in the same year for wearing a jacket with the text ACAB on it.

In 2009 a lower court thought ACAB was worth a fine, but last year a higher court ruled that the abbreviation was not in itself an insult and told the lower court to take another look at the case, which is probably Dutch legalese for ‘move on already’.

Dear Dutch cops, if you can’t take an English (!) abbreviation, you’re just sad. As they say in Dutch, go out and catch some thieves.

We also reported in 2010 on seven men arrested for wearing the number 1312, which if you decode it, is ACAB once again. And then there’s the cute version ‘Appel Citroen Ananas Banaan’ (Apple, Lemon, Pineapple, Banana), which was a trending topic on twitter a few days ago (#appelcitroenananasbanaan), turning this whole thing into a big joke.

(Link: depers)


  1. > probably Dutch legalese for ‘move on already’.

    Rather for “next time you guys put in a verdict something is public knowledge, don’t just rely on a Google search, dimwits”.

  2. […] a similar note, back in 2011, a Dutch court ruled that ACAB was not insulting to cops, an abbreviation meaning ‘All Cops Are Bastards’, which was […]

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