Dictator sends football coach Ruud Gullit packing


Back in January we were already pretty surprised that Ruud Gullit would take on this job, having to sign his name in blood and all, and then listening to the jungle noises fans allegedly make when he’s around. Although his contract was for a year and a half, he didn’t even make it to six months, accused by owner of football club Terek and Chechenya’s President Ramzan Kadyrov of ‘enjoying the night life too much’.

What nightlife? Dutch reporters tell of some three tea houses (Muslim’s don’t drink, remember) and even further away, next to nothing. Should we write a backpaker’s travel guide?

And you certainely cannot work miracles by throwing lots of money around, but then maybe Kadyrov didn’t get the memo from Moscow on this one.

What will be Gullit’s next career move? North Korea? Stay tuned.

(Link: dutchnews.nl, Photo of Ruud Gullit by Hamedog, some rights reserved.)

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