January 7, 2020

Father spots his kids damaging property with fireworks

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After all the property damage, injuries, fires and even deaths related to people using fireworks in the Netherlands on New Year’s Eve, the issue of anybody using fireworks is finally being hotly debated at the national level.

One father in Enschede, Overijssel who I bet thought his children were good kids, found out through social media that his kids are destructive little shits. Football club Sparta Enschede put out a film of the destructive little shits trashing the club’s stands on social media and the father recognised his destructive little shits. He contacted the club to tell them that and agreed to pay the 10,000 euro worth of damages caused by his destructive little shits.

“Luckily there are still honest people who accept responsibility,” one of the club’s Board members said. Hopefully dad will set a good example for these destructive little shits and punish them accorgdingly. It has not been mentioned whether the destructive little shits are also members of the club. I can’t imagine they would be welcome any time soon even as spectators.

(Link: waarmaarraar.nl, Photo of Football by Bramus, some rights reserved)

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May 9, 2019

Dutch footballer calls in sick to watch football, gets fired

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Dutch football striker Jordie van der Laan of Telstar has been sacked for calling in sick to watch Amsterdam Ajax play against Tottenham Spurs on 30 April instead of, well, playing football. Apparently, his dismissal was by ‘mutual agreement’, which is the sports equivalent of the film industry’s ‘creative differences’ when directors and studio claim to have parted company.

Van der Laan had hoped that his employer would not check up on him, but during the game in which Tottenham lost 0-1, he showed up no less than three times on screen at the game. According to Van der Laan, Telstar’s WhatsApp group blew up and they laughed their asses off.

The team’s management was not amused and fired him immediately. This was Van der Laan’s first year in professional football and was injured quite a lot. Despite his actions, the former Telstar striker is being headhunted by many clubs, and has an interest in playing abroad. “If Tottenham needs a striker, I’m available”, he said, “as long as I get time off to watch Ajax play.”

Someone needs to explain to this guy what ‘having your cake and eating it too’ actually means.

(Link: volkskrant.nl, Photo of flag by Wikimedia user Carolus Ludovicus, some rights reserved)

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January 15, 2019

Coaster counts as contract, worth 11,000 euro

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A court in Rotterdam has ruled that a signature on a beer coaster is worth 11,000 euro in a case involving a dispute between a top football player and his club.

The man brought the case to court, claiming he was supposed to be paid for his performance, but the club decided to contest this because the signature on the coaster was from someone who was not authorised to make such a deal. A graphologist was hired to established whether or not the signature was authentic, and it was.

Since the signature checked out, the court felt there was no reason to doubt the intention of the club which must pay the player 11,000 euro in back pay.

Read the court’s verdict from december 2018 in Dutch.

(Link: telegraaf.nl, Photo of Football by Bramus, some rights reserved)

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March 5, 2018

Sexist toys for boys pulled from Dutch supermarkets

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Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 15.52.06

A football party pack marketed to boys aged 8-13 is being pulled from the shelves of the Albert Heijn supermarket chain for being sexist and glorifying stereotypically bad behaviour. Sure, a party pack with football-related items sounds almost acceptable except that this one automatically excludes girls form the get-go, making it not only sexist but also implying girls don’t play football, which they do en masse. What an odd situation, especially knowing Dutch women win at the highest levels of football. Maybe they should market this party pack to girls instead, albeit without belittling others in the process.

But this game gets worse, fast. They are cards in the game with multiple answer questions like “If a girl you don’t like asks you out, what do you do?” One of the answers is “I laugh at her”. Another question is “what is something you don’t want to see?”. One of the answers is “crying girls”. There’s another card about what to do at the beach that suggests “looking at girls” as an answer. Aren’t boys usually playing in the water or kicking a ball on the beach at that age?

This is a country where companies don’t check what they aim at children and a colouring book with an image of Hitler making a Nazi salute and wearing a Swastika armband and toys for boys to use to assault women (not girls, women).

(Link and screenshot: nltimes.nl)

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January 3, 2018

Football goal and basketball shot at the same time

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The film of a penalty kick at football club DOVO in Veenendaal, Utrecht during a indoor football tournament is going viral. Not only did Rafael Mamba score a goal, but one of his shoes landed right into the basketball hoop on the wall at the same time.

That’s two goals at once and it will make your day if you watch it. Keep your eyes on the shoe first and then watch it again to make sure the ball goes into the goal.

(Link: gelderlander.nl, Photo of Football by Bramus, some rights reserved)

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November 29, 2017

Rotterdam café to make Ajax toilet seats

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For Rotterdam Feyernoord football fans, there were Feyernoord stickers to ‘rebrand’ all those Ajax brand fire extinguishers in 2015 reminding them of the rival Amsterdam Ajax football club. Now, the owner of Sijf in Rotterdam has gone one step further: he plans to make toilet seats out of Ajax arena seats for his Feyernoord-leaning patrons.

The initial plan was to buy the written off arena seats and make terrace furniture out of it, but that didn’t pan out. However, to make the toilet seats, owner Herman Hell still needs someone to design them.

(Link and photo: nos.nl)

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September 2, 2017

Volkswagen disses ‘our nation of cyclists’

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During the World Cup qualifiers in Seine-Saint-Denis just north of Paris last Thursday, Volkswagen France thought it appropriate to diss the entire country of the Netherlands with some advertising that read “We’re not going to let a nation of cyclists block our path”. Remember, this advertising was approved by the French Football Federation.

While it’s true the French team had no problems moving the Dutch team out of the way with a 4-0 victory, French social media and surely others weren’t impressed with what Volkswagen called “humour”. ‘It was just a joke’ is the classic response people give after they get caught saying something stupid.

Volkswagen was quick in issuing a formal apology in French, claiming they’re cycling fans as well.

We’re talking about this because we speak French, but the Dutch press isn’t talking about this yet, so you may have read it here in English first. Maybe Volkswagen needs to learn what “speel op de bal, niet op de man” (roughly, ‘kick the ball, not the man’) means.

Cher Volkswagen France, on ne va pas laisser une entreprise qui ment au public depuis des années nous dire des conneries.

(Dear Volkwagen France, we’re not going to let a company that has been lying to the public for years talk rubbish about us.)

(Link and photo: sport24.lefigaro.fr)

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August 7, 2017

Dutch women’s football team European champions

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After an exciting win 4-2 for the ‘Orange Lionesses’ against Denmark yesterday in Enschede, the Dutch women’s football team have won the UEFA Women’s European Championship for the first time.

And while their Amsterdam counterparts had to celebrate their national victory with a small party in their locker room, the Lionesses had some 22,000 people show up in Utrecht to welcome and applaud them. It’s about time this country took notice of how much work goes into women’s sport. Since the Dutch enjoy putting a price tag on everything, the argument of being able to win with much lesser means and ‘less ego’ is appealing even to the sceptics.

Besides having watched this game, I went to my first ever football game recently as well to watch Russia vs. Germany (Germany won 2-0, Russia made too many mistakes). I had a great time and didn’t feel at any moment that I was watching a lesser sport or that I couldn’t cheer for Russia because German fans were there, too. Everybody was having a great time despite the lousy weather. It was exactly what live football should be: fun for everyone.

Here’s a glimpse of the canal boat with Lionesses on board:

(Photo of flag by Wikimedia user Carolus Ludovicus, some rights reserved)

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July 13, 2017

Dutch women’s football kit gets lioness

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While women’s Ajax team aren’t even celebrated when they win big, the Dutch women’s national team gets a roaring lioness on their new uniforms, which matches the team’s nickname for the past 46 years, the ‘Oranje Leeuwinnen’ (‘Orange Lionesses’).

The emblem will make its official debut at the first game of the UEFA Women’s European Championship this weekend, which is being held in the Netherlands, and will remain a permanent fixture on the women’s kit. “When redesigning the logo, we simply removed some elements which made it elegant yet still recognisable as the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) emblem and remained unmistakably Dutch,” explains W+K Amsterdam creative director Craig Williams.

(Link and image: dezeen.com)

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June 6, 2017

Ajax women’s team petitions for their own party

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On 24 May 2017, Amsterdam’s men’s football team Ajax didn’t get a party on the Museumplein downtown, as Manchester United took the win 2-0 in the Europa League, and it was business as usual the next day.

However, on 26 May 2017, Ajax’s women’s team won the Dutch championship (Eredivisie) by winning against Eindhoven’s PSV. And even though they’ve won the national title and the cup, they don’t get anything because, well, sexism.

Ajax Women have decided enough with this unequal nonsense and have started a petition to get their own public honouring when then they win major titles instead of having a small party in their locker room. And they’re fine with having it somewhere smaller.

Here are some game highlights:

(Links: parool.nl, english.ajax.nl, Photo by Wikimedia user Carolus Ludovicus, some rights reserved)

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