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The Kyteman Orchestra


Kyteman, a.k.a. flugelhorn player Colin Benders, has started a new project called The Kyteman Orchestra, which released an album of the same name last Friday.

So far only one or two reviews have appeared on the web, but I could no longer withhold giving you the opportunity to listen to the following track, which was released by the Kytopia studios on YouTube:

We wrote about Kyteman’s previous project, Kyteman’s Hip Hop Orchestra. Since then he has moved from dreary Overvecht (although the place does have a nice slide these days) to the buildings of the former Jongeneel saw mill on the Zeedijk in Utrecht, where he built Kytopia, a complex of recording studios, a theatre and apartments.

For the orchestra some of the MCs were dropped, but an entire choir was added. The album was recorded on analog equipment, HP De Tijd writes.

De Volkskrant thinks the fans will be taken aback:

The lines between pop and bombastic classical music are blurred [on this album]. While I Was Away, Day One, pop rarely approached Richard Wagner so closely. Preaching to the Choir is top heavy opera. Impressive? Well made? Good? Yes, but some of the energy and spirit that made The Hermit Sessions so irresistible was lost along the way.

This is heavy duty stuff, also lyrically. Titles such as Angry At The World and The Mushroom Cloud set the tone, judgement day is just around the corner.

(Photo by Oxfam Novib / Marielle van Uitert, some rights reserved. Video: Youtube / Kytopia.)

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