Two boring Americans on mushrooms in Amsterdam


magic mushrooms

Two American guys, Kong and Jesse, take magic mushrooms and take a ‘trip’ through busy and touristy downtown Amsterdam to attempt to pick up girls. Wearing any kind of apparel with Amsterdam printed on it is usually a warning sign to locals, and indeed girls barely talked to them — no surprise there.

The Koningsplein intersection and the busy Leidsestraat are first featured, with both guys interacting more with a trash can (dust bin) than with girls. They eventually talk about renting a bike, but it’s clear that’s not going to happen. When it gets darker, they end up at Rembrandtplein where there are currently winter stalls with arts & crafts and international food, another major tourist trap. Talking to girls is apparently nothing compared to feeling up our trash cans for some reason.

Kong and Jesse picked up nobody in the end, embodying what us locals think about of this type of tourist. Maybe it’s nice to see that two guys doing mushroom and acting stupid is nothing more than two guys doing mushrooms and acting stupid, and Amsterdam just happens to be the backdrop.



  1. Oleg says:

    Funny video, left me with two questions only:
    * is effect from shrooms really that ridiculously long?
    * they really never seen a dust bin with all kinds of illegal adverts glued to it (to which nipples are a solution AFAIK)?

    Directing them to Leidseplein was very accurate :)

    • Orangemaster says:

      From what I’ve heard from friends, a good mushroom trips last for hours, and it is something they do in a controlled environment like at home, not wander around the streets. As for the dust bin, blame the mushrooms :)

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