June 21, 2017

Riding a rented camel is weird, but still legal

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A few weeks ago, a stag do with a questionable desert theme got the media buzzing because the groom to be was riding a camel down crowded narrow streets in downtown Amsterdam.

Although it freaked out and amused people, the Party for the Animals was not amused and got the police involved claiming animal cruelty. Alderman Laurens Ivens responsible for animal welfare then said, “if this is not illegal, it should be” and basically had to look up what the rules are because he had no clue.

Back when the man was riding the camel, the police stopped him and the man renting the camel for unpaid bills, because the law allows renting animals. The police could have done nothing and not had any legal repercussions.

After Googling (!), Ivens found out that renting animals is perfectly legal and that the police got lucky by finding a reason to stop the man parading through town. Is it or is it not animal cruelty? Animals are rented all the time for shows, petting zoos and the likes, but this time it struck a nerve.

Up until 2008 it was still legal in the Netherlands to distribute animal porn, one of 24oranges’ most viewed stories of all time.

(Links and photos: parool.nl-1, parool.nl-2)

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October 18, 2014

Ms ‘Hen the Rooster’ new chicken boss of the Netherlands

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chicken-branko-collinStarting next year Ms Hennie de Haan will become the new chairperson of the Poultry Farmers’ Union of the Netherlands, Telegraaf reports.

In itself this is not interesting news, but if you understand Dutch you’ll realise her name means ‘Hen the Rooster’. Never was there a poultry farmers’ union’s chairperson with a more fitting name, I imagine.

Ms De Haan told AD that she hadn’t even noticed the funny pairing at first: “Well, I’ve had this name for 45 years now. You don’t often stop to contemplate your own name. My partner had to point out [how remarkable this is]. […] Usually chicken farming is discussed in terms of the environment and the treatment of animals. If my name causes a smile […] I consider that a bonus.”

A popular go-to person for the Dutch press whenever a plane threatens to fall out of the sky is the former chairperson of the Association of Dutch Commercial Pilots, Benno Baksteen, whose last name means ‘brick’.

Every year popular radio DJs Coen & Sander collect the funniest names they can find and crown one of them the ‘shame name’ of the year. Two weeks ago that award went to Wil Helmes, which sounds like the title of the Dutch anthem, ‘Wilhelmus’. Number 2 was Ben Bouten, which means ‘off to poo’. Third place went to Leen Kleingeld, which means ‘borrow small change’.

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January 25, 2011

Hamsters were not really mistreated, says judge

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Kunstenares Tinkebell (Katinka Simonse) has been found not guilty of mistreating 95 hamsters. Back in 2008 the Society for the Protection of Animals and the police raided one of her exhibitions to free dozens of hamsters. The hamsters should only have been stuck in their balls for 30 minutes (apparently recommended) and in this case were stuck in them for four hours.

Since the judge and an Artis zoo vet could not determine whether the hamsters where in danger or not, Tinkebell got a fine of 950 euro, with 450 euro as a ‘suspended fine’. The gallery owner is also in the clear.

(Link: rtl.nl, Source image: Empathy.)

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December 4, 2008

Cruelty to animals used as music video effect

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The music video for Amsterdam based rockband zZz’s track Running with the Beast has been pulled by Youtube, according to Omroep Brabant (Dutch). The video apparently shows two roosters fighting. The cocks were smeared with paint before being put into a tiny arena, and were made to fight on top of paper sheets which were later used to produced the artwork for the CD and for posters and so on.

In an elaborate statement (PDF), the band managed to claim that “no animals were injured.” Indeed, “for legal reasons the video was shot in Bangkok, Thailand.”

See also Dozens of hamsters freed from plastic balls for another tale of artists abusing animals for their own personal gain showing the inherent hypocrisy of people who don’t want to be confronted with the maltreatment of animals, but who will for instance gladly enjoy the fruits of factory farming.

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March 14, 2008

Duck, duck, goose head

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I used to translate stuff about Belgians throwing cats from belfries and swallowing live goldfish during century-old ceremonies and other mischief, but the Dutch in Limburg also have something albeit less way traumatising they don’t want to give up so easily. Then again, the media often reports that the Party for the Animals (PvdD) submits like 200 motions a day to Parliament, so no surprise that this becomes news.

Ganstrekken, the practice of pulling the head off a dead goose during Carnival celebrations in the Limburg village of Grevenbicht (just 2,500 inhabitants), is not decent behaviour but will not be banned, farm minister Gerda Verburg told MPs yesterday. Granting a licence for the tradition is up to the local council, Verburg said.

They used to do it to a live goose (eeeuuuw). Use a doll like they do in Ypres, Belgium with the cat, come up with something new, so many alternatives, think outside the box that is your head.

(Link: dutchnews.nl)

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