January 17, 2010

Political feed aggregator

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Polifeeds.nl brings together all tweets and blog posts of Dutch politicians.

The site is an initiative of Geen Commentaar, the blog that earlier created a coalition checker and a parliamentary search engine. Although the default mode delivers an inane cacophony of local and national news, blog posts and tweets, the Advanced Search function lets you narrow the stream of opinions down to only what you need.

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January 13, 2010

A red bike that blogs

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The nice red Dutch bike that could, Drooderfiets, bikes in and around Amsterdam and blogs about its architectural, cultural and interesting findings in English and French. The puppet master is Alix, a French guy living in Amsterdam who takes very nice pictures with his bike in every one.

Disclaimer: I know Alix and I admit we should have written about him and his bike a long time ago. What’s nice about this blog is that not only does the red bike learn things, but so do we, Dutch or otherwise.

Check out all kinds of other pictures on the red bike’s Flickr page.

(Link: rooderfiets.tumblr.com, Photo of Kruiskerk, Amstelveen by Drooder Fiets)


May 21, 2009

New cartoon blog by Bandirah and others

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May 1 was the day Robert Schuit started a new cartoon blog at—guess where?—cartoon.blog.nl. Schuit, who draws cartoons himself under the name Bandirah, managed to convince a jolly band of artists to join him, among which ‘big’ names such as Argibald, Michiel van de Pol and Humor de Nar (illustration).

24 Oranges started more than 2 years ago with an entry about the new cartoon blog clogwork.net, which is still alive and populated by the slightly older cartoonist.

(Illustration: cartoon.blog.nl, by Humor de Nar. Caption: “To think there are people who spend their Friday nights all alone.” Link: Sargasso.)

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April 10, 2008

Maaike’s diary in English

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Sample Maaike Hartjes

Maaike Hartjes, who was already the grand old lady of Dutch comics when she was yea high, has started an English language blog in which she documents her next book.

The work title is ‘Enjoy Your Life and Your Socks’, something I saw written on a shop in Japan. I’m going to try to add a new page every day.

I first met Maaike when I was co-publisher of the Iris fanzine in my student days. I believe it was at the Haarlem comics con which takes place every two years, where she showed up with her “folder.” She had wanted to publish her work with another fanzine but they never showed up … and she went on to become a figurehead for our magazine until we quit in the mid-nineties. Maaike is an incredibly versatile artist—though she hates to show this versatility in her comics, focusing instead on what fellow cartoonist and fanzine editor Reinder Dijkhuis once called “her irresistibly funny minuscule drawings,” with which she fills and publishes diaries.