July 10, 2019

People stuck in car park during Iron Man race

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As if parking garages were not scary enough on the best of days, a bunch of people about to drive off found out they were locked in during an Iron Man race happening in Hoorn, North Holland a few days ago.

Parking garage Het Jeudje was closed, but still had people in it when that was decided. In what sounds like a calm manner, one woman said at the time “We can’t get out and we don’t know when we will be able to”. Hoorn residents didn’t know anything and got locked in after they entered.

They had to wait 30 minutes, and everything was fine after that. But imagine if they had needed any help, that would have been bad news. Apparently, residents were partially informed about the accessibility issues of their city centre during the race, but not as well as they should have been. The city claimed it sent letters ‘that did not reach everybody’, as it was not able to inform some people who have a ‘no-no’ sticker on their doors, meaning they refuse to receive any unaddressed mail.

As well, the ‘internationally oriented website’ didn’t make getting online info any easier, which I must decode as, it’s in English or Dunglish and not the info residents were looking for. And then you get locked into a car park.

(Link: waarmaarraar.nl, Photo of Westfries Museum, Hoorn by Fnorp, some rights reserved)

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October 12, 2018

Baby invited to meet bureaucrats at town hall

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The town of Schagen, North Holland sent a letter to one of their newest residents, inviting them to town hall in order to find out about what bureaucrats can do for them. At this point in time, the answer is so not much because the town sent a letter to a three-month-old baby girl whose diary is pretty much full up for the foreseeable future.

Yes, she is a new resident of Schagen, but why didn’t the town have a good look at the baby’s date of birth before sending this kind of useless correspondence? I’m quite sure that the rest of the country checks these kinds of details first.

In true bureaucratic form, and even though the baby’s parents and the town had a good laugh about the mishap, the bureaucrats managed to blame the newly implemented privacy law (possibly the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR), saying they could not easily check a date of birth, which I call bullshit on. All newborn children as well as every single resident of the Netherlands must be registered with town hall, making it pretty clear when reading their date of birth who is a baby. The GDPR has enough articles about when to use personal data and when not to.

After the father posted the invitation for his daughter on Facebook, people commented that they too had received weird letters from their town: an eight-year-old boy was invited to come and talk about real estate law.

A few years back, the Dutch tax office, a very different breed of bureaucrats,
pestered a nine-year-old for not filing a return when of course they didn’t have to.

(Link: nhnieuws.nl, Photo of baby booties by Winam, some rights reserved)

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May 10, 2017

‘Here’s the money for it, but you can’t build it’

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The city of Emmen, Drenthe has been known to be innovative with bikes and people gladly visit the eastern city for its main attraction, their zoo.

However, months ago the city approved a subsidy for the construction of a bandstand, but tragically enough the city also denied the permit for building it, even after having agreed to the actual design of the bandstand. Thankfully, after publishing this absurdity in the local press, city council said they would have a look at the situation. Comments on this so far are ‘?’ and ‘this can’t be for real’.

Just around the corner from 24HQ in Amsterdam, a kiosk was going to appear where there had never been one before in recent times, but the same situation occurred: the business got the permit to operate but not to build, and a bit further down the road another kioske got the permit to build but not to operate.

It all sounds very Soviet-era to me, minus the bribes.

(Link: dvhn.nl, Photo of wilted tulip by Graham Keen, some rights reserved)

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