February 2, 2021

Iranian spy and terrorist stayed at Dutch hotel unencumbered

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Flag of Iran

Assadollah Assadi, a 48-year-old Iranian diplomat wanted by Belgian authorities for spying and terrorism, apparently stayed at a hotel in Meppel, Drente without any problems.

According to books in the hands of Flemish broadcaster VRT, Assadi stayed at Hotel de Poort, across the street from the Meppel train station. Hotel owner Henk van Duinen has not been able to find any record of the stay from five years ago. The Dutch authorities knew nothing of Assadi’s visit to Meppel either.

Assadi was arrested in Germany, and is facing a 20-year sentence. He’s been held in a Belgian prison awaiting the verdict in his trial next Thursday. It has recently emerged that while in custody he was visited by his superiors from Tehran. Apparently, he also gave other spies and terrorists instructions.

The Iranian frequented public spaces in many smaller European cities such as Meppel where he made appointments at tourist spots. The data reveal a predilection for meetings outside castles and fortresses. The only notable person I know from Meppel is my bookkeeper.

(Links: vrt.be, rtvdrenthe.nl, Image of Flag of Iran, some rights reserved)

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January 23, 2013

Have a break with chocolate but without WIFI access

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An advertising campaign that builds on Kit Kat’s slogan ‘Have a break, have a Kit Kat’ features a place to sit and have a break that is WIFI free (‘Free no WIFI zone’). That’s right, no WIFI instead of the usual free WIFI, although ‘Free no WIFI zone’ sounds weird, evoking a ‘yes, we have no bananas’ grammar feel to it.

The red bench is right downtown Amsterdam on the Max Euweplein (Max Euwe Square), named after Dutch chess Grandmaster, Max Euwe. It’s also surrounded by a casino, a comedy club and more venues that cater to non-Dutch speaking tourists.

What is cool about this street furniture advertising campaign is that it actually blocks WIFI signals within a 5-metre radius. I will test it next time I am downtown and report back.

UPDATE On Jan 31 I went to see if it was there and it had gone.

(Link: www.amsterdamadblog.com, Photo of Kit kat by Jexweber.fotos, some rights reserved)

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