March 13, 2014

Artwork gives compliments to passers-by in Wageningen

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Yesterday artists Robbert Kamphuis and Laurens van der Zee unveiled their ‘compliment machine’, placed on the side of a downtown building in Wageningen, Gelderland.

Unsuspecting passers-by are given a compliment, randomly selected from a collection of 751 compliments. While some 600 of them are in Dutch, some 50 are in English and about 10 others in eleven other languages a piece to emphasise the international vibe of the city and its body of foreign students.

This art project celebrates 750 years of city rights for Wageningen. If you click on the above-mentioned link to see the machine, it looks like a wooden icon version of Facebook’s thumb’s up.

(Link:, Photo Photo of thumb’s up by cait loper’s photography, some rights reserved)

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June 17, 2009

Van Deyssel’s beautifully indecent book, or: how to return a compliment

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Albert Verwey wrote about Lodewijk van Deyssel’s 1887 novel Een Liefde (A Love), considered pornographic at the time:

Van Deyssel’s novel has two qualities. It is beautiful and it is indecent. Because of its indecency, it is either being ignored or called names—in turn I want to praise it for its beauty. That novel is like a person who knocks at a door, the door of literature. Some pretend they do not hear the knock. Others say: “go away, you are indecent.” Now I am going to say: “Enter, because you are beautiful.”

Van Deyssel knew how to take a compliment, and replied:


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