February 2, 2016

Police train eagles to attack drones

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Instead of scaring off seagulls with eagle noises like in Haarlem in 2015, the Dutch police have stepped up their game and are now training eagles to knock out ‘enemy’ drones out of the air. The idea was to find a way to get rid of drones that are not allowed to fly in certain spaces, such as protected airspaces. The video below tells of a trauma helicopter not being able to land because some moron was flying a drone and blocking the way or another moron flying their drone next to busy Schiphol Airport.

Finding the drone pilot can be very difficult and take a long time, a policeman explains. The eagle in the video grabs the drone with its talons, which are designed to carry things as opposed to just having claws like many other animals. There’s also less impressive tools they plan to use such as casting a net over the drone somehow. “The eagle sees the drone as prey and wants to bring it to a safe location and protect it from outsiders”. The trainers are not worried about the propellers hurting the animal, although opinions might differ on that point. The eagle may even get special gear for protection.

It’s in Dutch, but it’s all about watching the eagle catch the drone.

(Link: www.theverge.com, Photo of Drone by Karen Axelrad, some rights reserved)

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December 20, 2013

Artist has been making pee eagles for 16 years

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Theo, 32, from Eindhoven has been peeing against buildings for half his life, but does it creatively by making eagles. The art is of course ephemeral and apparently peeing the claws is tough.

Theo says the eagle is a strong symbol, something that reminds him of Germany, while it reminds me and probably others of the United States or Russia. He usually aims (ha pun) to make the German 2 euro coin (the 1 euro has the same eagle), but he says that he is usually drunk and it looks like a peacock or a seagull.

Peeing on walls is illegal in the Netherlands, and Theo got caught once in Tiel. The cop did let him finish because he appreciated the artistic value. Follow Theo’s pee eagles on Instagram.

(Link: www.vice.com, Photo: supertheo6000# (Theo) on Instagram)

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