November 17, 2010

Copyright collection agency to charge for embedding after all

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In December 2009, after a wave of criticism from the media and beyond, Dutch copyright collection agency Buma/Stemra (B/S) decided to back off on its plans to make people pay for embedded music streams. However, today they announced that they will go ahead with their plans after all. According to B/S logic, embedding music is another form of ‘rebroadcasting’, which require licences. Buma/Stemra will start charging for music streams and video streams like YouTube, all of which will be confirmed soon. According to Tweakers, last year the projected rates for embedding videos with music were lower than embedding music streams — why, nobody knows.

They also say they won’t bug private persons, just companies. We’ll see.

In other copright news, a court in The Hague has ruled that downloading copyrighted material without permission of the rights holder is permitted as long as it’s a copy for home use. There was some doubt as to how copyright law should be interpreted on this issue, but not anymore. Read more about it in Dutch from our friendly neighbourhood Internet legal expert, Arnoud Engelfriet.

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August 3, 2009

Embedding radio stations a costly affair

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We recently wrote about Dutch copyright collection agency Buma/Stemra, (pet name: B/S) charging big bucks for using embedded radio players. Since bad news often travels in packs, people who embed stations and streams on their sites will have to pay 312 euro a year to do so. Oh, and payment is retroactive to January 2009.

Since I own a webradio, I am now considered a ‘source site’ by B/S, while anyone restreaming me in the Netherlands is a ‘target site’. I don’t know anyone who restreams me and if they do, they probably don’t live in the Netherlands. As usual with new rules and rates from B/S, the Dutch ‘twittosphere’ is buzzing with more questions than answers, while the Managing Director of B/S twitters about his new office furniture (well, pretty much) and answers no tweets. Grow a pair and defend your policies already.

Imagine having to pay to embed YouTube on a blog! Imagine paying for anything embedded like conferences or a film of your dog doing tricks because you posted it on Facebook first or something. And why do people have to pay almost as much as I do for just adding a link?

And I will quote myself: “The Dutch are used to paying for everything and even want to do so like I do, but not when they have no idea who or what they are paying for. It remains vague, incomprehensible and frustrating.”


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