January 18, 2019

Cat stows away on boat, dines on herring

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Earlier this week, Dutch fishing boat ‘Our Anna’ set off from Harlingen, Friesland to Danish waters when they heard a strange sound on board: it was a tortoise shell cat, hiding near the fish rinsing machine. They called her Katrien or Spikey and fed her a herring a day and gave her some water.

The kitty was scared and lost, but she’s fine now. The fishers are convinced she gained some weight on her trip as well.

Tomorrow the boat comes back to port, and with the help of the animal ambulance, they will sort out who the cat’s owner is because the cat cannot stay on board.

(Link and photo (and cute video): ad.nl)

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January 28, 2013

Nobody wins at the Dutch ice fishing championship

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Last Thursday Kuinre, Flevoland played host to the first edition of the Dutch ice fishing championship. Some 25 participants had two hours to reel in a catch, but in the end, not a single fish was caught.

Ed Piek of the Visfederatie Oost Nederland told Spitsnieuws that he did not know why nobody caught anything. “Maybe the lack of experience? Also the ice was very clear, which could have scared off the fish.”

The news site adds that the prizes, a mountain bike and a trophy, will be saved for the next edition.

For photos of the event, see here.

“Today the fish won,” Piek said. Sounds like the fish are not off the hook yet.

(Photo by Jani Uusitalo, some rights reserved)

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