January 18, 2019

Cat stows away on boat, dines on herring

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Earlier this week, Dutch fishing boat ‘Our Anna’ set off from Harlingen, Friesland to Danish waters when they heard a strange sound on board: it was a tortoise shell cat, hiding near the fish rinsing machine. They called her Katrien or Spikey and fed her a herring a day and gave her some water.

The kitty was scared and lost, but she’s fine now. The fishers are convinced she gained some weight on her trip as well.

Tomorrow the boat comes back to port, and with the help of the animal ambulance, they will sort out who the cat’s owner is because the cat cannot stay on board.

(Link and photo (and cute video): ad.nl)

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November 24, 2018

Instagram cat gets own student ID in Groningen

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Professor doctor Doerak (pronounced ‘Durak’, from Russian Дурак) is his name and he is well-known character at the University of Groningen, where he frequents law school classes.

That is why this cat of Instagram received his own student ID card a few weeks ago. His owners, who live next to one of the university buildings in the city centre, requested their cat got a student card. The administration replied: “We are working on it. An invitation to pick it up will follow.”

Jorien Bakker, spokesperson of the university, told local university magazine UKrant: “We liked the idea. Doerak is a sweet cat. He is a good student and we appreciate how much he means to students and staff.”

(Illustration: screenshot of Durak’s Instagram account)

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June 5, 2015

‘Magic’ roundabout in Purmerend viewed by 250,000 so far

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The first webcam I ever watched back in the mid nineties was that of a litterbox were viewers waited to spot the cat using it. Over the litterbox there would be different messages everyday like ‘send tuna’. If you caught the cat going to the box you were asked to take a screenshot of it (nobody had digital cameras or mobile phones with digital cameras back then), you could send it to the owner and he would send you something cool, I don’t remember.

The Archie software company in Purmerend has set up a webcam on a roundabout to test its software. Funny thing is some 250,000 Dutch people have checked it out and it’s getting traction. A journalist on Twitter who wrote about it said he witnessed a car that wouldn’t yield to a scooter, which they should do, making his viewing ‘eventful’. For anyone who wants to see how a typical Dutch town deals with bike paths and cars, this is for you. The stream is in 1080HD and looks good.

It makes me want to go and skate around it for a while. For all we know a happening is being planned. A marching band going around in circles, could be fun. Stay tuned.

(Link: nieuws.nl)

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February 2, 2015

After the flying cat comes the badger submarine

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Dutch artist Bart Jansen first made the helicopter cat from his deceased pet cat Orville, which seemed predestined to fly. His project caused much controversy as to what people think is art and the fact that humans willingly kill and eat animals, but one well-preserved run over cat apparently flies in the face of common decency.

Jansen explains that, “transforming animals into water-ready machines isn’t without its difficulties.” Jansen has not yet found a lab willing to waterproof the creature, since badgers are a protected species in the Netherlands, which means the finished product can’t be exhibited, or exported abroad. For now, the badger and the project are on ice. You could say that him owning a dead badger is an issue.

Years ago Dutch artist Tinkebell caused an uproar when she killed her three-year-old cat to turn it into a handbag, claiming that it was a mercy killing because the cat was depressed.

(Link: www.independent.co.uk, Photo of Badger by Tatterdemalion, some rights reserved)

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February 17, 2011

Ugly cat needs a home

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Here’s a picture of the cat
Here’s a picture its doppelgänger, Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies.

According to employees at the animal shelter, the cat scares people away. The poor cat has had skin cancer, and had to have its nose and ears amputated. The vet said that light skinned cats were more proned to skin cancer.

Harry Potter fans, it’s time to own the cat of your dreams! Charlie is 14 and was well taken care of before his operation as well. The woman who cared for him had to give him up because he cannot handle other cats. The employees will tell you he’s very cuddly as long as there’s no other cats around.

Charlie is pretty on the inside.

(Link: waarmaarraar)

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