January 18, 2010

Kyteman wins Popprijs 2009

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Kyteman’s Hip Hop Orchestra won the Popprijs 2009 (‘Pop prize’) in Groningen last Saturday.

The 12-piece-band won one of the most prestigious pop music awards of the Netherlands for its contributions to the genre. The chairman of the jury, Hans Kosterman, called the orchestra “authentic, a source of inspiration, strong-minded and very successful.”

The prize consists of 10,000 euro and a statuette. The annual award was introduced in 1986, when it was given to singer Mathilde Santing. Despite having 10 MCs, the band is perhaps best known for its instrumental, Sorry.

(Link: Parool. Video: Kyteman.)

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October 10, 2009

Public Enemy to produce next album through Sellaband

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Legendary rappers Public Enemy are taking the fan-financed route.

The group will try and sell their next album through Sellaband, according to the Guardian. The Amsterdam based website works by letting users buy shares of an album to provide musicians with the money to produce an album.

Chuck D’s crew have turned to an independent Dutch website to raise $250,000 (£157,000) for recording and promoting their 13th studio album.

On Tuesday, the group began selling $25 (£15) shares in the as-yet untitled, as-yet unrecorded album. By selling 10,000 shares, Public Enemy hope to cover “complete recording costs and expenses … [and] fund a strategic marketing plan for [its] worldwide release … in 2010”.

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