July 22, 2010

Sports park lit up entirely with LED lighting

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As of September, a sports park in Eindhoven (three football pitches, four tennis courts and the rest of the place) will be entirely lit using LED lights, made popular in its mordern-day version sometime around 1999 by Dutch firm Philips, headquartered in Eindhoven.

Local newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad claims that this is a world first, as they couldn’t find anyone else who did this. LED lighting is much less energy consuming that regular lighting, up to 60% according to measurements quoted in the newspaper.

(Link: nuzakelijk.nl, Photo of LED lighting project by Velo Steve, some rights reserved)

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August 16, 2009

Lighting up the Kinderdijk

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From 7 through 20 September, the 19 historic windmills of the Kinderdijk, on the UNESCO heritage list since 1997, will be lit up with colourful, energy-efficient LED lighting from Philips and installed by Technische Unie. The colours of the windmills will represent different symbols of Dutch history. For starters, this red, white and blue with subtle orange overtones surely represents the Dutch flag and pennant.

Even my own family visited the Kinderdijk when they came to the Netherlands because it was in their guide book as a must. It was touristy, but not busy or crowded and you’ll learn a lot about water drainage.

(Link and photo: philips.nl)

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