November 15, 2010

New monthly comics magazine Por Dios

Filed under: Comics by Branko Collin @ 1:29 pm

Eppo publisher Rob van Bavel has added a new comics mag to his stable, called Por Dios.

It will contain the same sort of comic strips that adorn his other publication, with a twist: the comics in Por Dios have been published before. Every issue of the monthly will contain one complete long story. The upshot is that Van Bavel can now publish stories by authors that are dead (Don Lawrence, De Smet) or retired, and that new generations can be introduced to the classics.

The name comes from the tag line of Eppo precursor Pep: “Por dios, what a magazine!” The price per issue is 5 euro, while a 12 issue subscription can be had for 50 euro.


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