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As of 26 October, the Mondriaan house museum in Amersfoort will be holding an exhibition entitled ‘Steven Aalders verbindt…’ (‘Steven Aalders connects’), which apparently must be viewed by one visitor at a time for 60 minutes. The idea is to turn the museum into a silent place where visitors can ‘let the art wash over them’ and ‘enjoy the empty spaces of the halls’. The exhibition features sculptures, architecture and music.

Yes, Piet Mondriaan (or anglicised to ‘Mondrian’) is that Dutch artist who went from painting landscapes and flowers to those grids with red, blue and yellow squares. Oh, and he was born in that house in Amersfoort.

(Link: haarlemsdagblad, Photo by Elly Waterman, some rights reserved)

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  1. sandbox says:

    What a wonderful Idea!!!

    I love the idea of solitude and expereince of art

    were a person can be themselves and be one with the art

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