Famous bird snuffs it at the art fair


Visitors of the KunstRAI art fair in Amsterdam are confronted with an art work by Bart Jansen even before they enter the building. The corpse of a giant blue bird, the famous brainchild of American puppeteer Jim Henson (and yellow in its native country), is slowly passing the last of its warmth to the cold, grey pavers.

The artist says on a nearby sign: “These days a national park only seems to amount to something in the public eye if it is being threatened. The next step is to make the reservation accessible for recreation. This requires a motorway. In this work, the only bird in the world that was deemed safe, has just fallen by the way of an unstoppable civilisation.”

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Bart Jansen was the artist behind helicopter car Orville.

KunstRAI is an art fair in which galleries take part. This year for the first time individual artists are allowed to have stands at the fair. KunstRAI is open until Sunday. Parool writes that attendance has been low so far. The paper quotes fair manager Erik Hermida as saying that “these are not easy times. Many exhibitors have decided to pass because of the crisis.” KunstRAI hopes for 15,000 to 20,000 visitors this year.

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