August 29, 2016

Turning a cow into a flying machine

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After Orville the helicopter cat, a badger submarine and a few others, controversial Dutch artist Bart Jansen is currently working on a flying cow.

Together with his collaborator, engineer Arjen Beltman, they are taking deceased animals to the next level by creating something they can fly in themselves, which reminds me of the flying moths from the 1990s science-fiction series, Lexx.

“If I’m going to fly, I want to fly in something weird. So we’ve been thinking about animals that are big enough to fly in. We have a cow at the moment – it’s at the tannery right now. It’s going to be like a bovine personnel carrier, but airborne,” Jansen explains.

If you guys want to get weirder, check out Lexx’s main ship, a huge flying insect that talks to its crew, as inspiration.


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February 2, 2015

After the flying cat comes the badger submarine

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Dutch artist Bart Jansen first made the helicopter cat from his deceased pet cat Orville, which seemed predestined to fly. His project caused much controversy as to what people think is art and the fact that humans willingly kill and eat animals, but one well-preserved run over cat apparently flies in the face of common decency.

Jansen explains that, “transforming animals into water-ready machines isn’t without its difficulties.” Jansen has not yet found a lab willing to waterproof the creature, since badgers are a protected species in the Netherlands, which means the finished product can’t be exhibited, or exported abroad. For now, the badger and the project are on ice. You could say that him owning a dead badger is an issue.

Years ago Dutch artist Tinkebell caused an uproar when she killed her three-year-old cat to turn it into a handbag, claiming that it was a mercy killing because the cat was depressed.

(Link:, Photo of Badger by Tatterdemalion, some rights reserved)

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May 18, 2013

Famous bird snuffs it at the art fair

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Visitors of the KunstRAI art fair in Amsterdam are confronted with an art work by Bart Jansen even before they enter the building. The corpse of a giant blue bird, the famous brainchild of American puppeteer Jim Henson (and yellow in its native country), is slowly passing the last of its warmth to the cold, grey pavers.

The artist says on a nearby sign: “These days a national park only seems to amount to something in the public eye if it is being threatened. The next step is to make the reservation accessible for recreation. This requires a motorway. In this work, the only bird in the world that was deemed safe, has just fallen by the way of an unstoppable civilisation.”

Click the ‘read more’ link to end your childhood.

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